Michmarkers.com Lives in Jim’s Memory

James Brennan passed away on July 19, 2020. Michmarkers.com was Jim’s passion. We keep his legacy alive by continuing to maintain the site that he so lovingly maintained for years when he was with us.

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About Jim

MichMarkers.com was founded by Jim Brennan during the 1980s. Jim had a keen interest in both history and exploring. Coupled with the skills from his day job as an Information Technology Professional, cataloging Michigan markers was a labor of love for Jim. Many were the time that Jim, along with his wife and three children, would set out on a day trip or overnighter in pursuit of cataloging the markers throughout Michigan. An ice cream cone for all frequently ended a day of marker hunting. Over the years, Jim photographed and cataloged over 1,800 markers for this website.
Sadly, less than three months after Jim retired, he was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Despite a courageous, albeit short, battle with the disease, Jim passed into eternal life on July 19, 2020. In addition to being a devoted family man, Jim loved to travel. His favorite location was Ireland, where he made 11 trips, celebrating his Irish heritage. Jim was also an avid runner, completing 10 marathons throughout the United States as well as countless half marathons and 5K’s.
Jim left this website for his family and friends to maintain for you. We lovingly do that as a legacy to Jim. We invite you to spend some time looking though this website and learning the rich history that Michigan offers. Hopefully, you will be inspired to travel to some of these locations throughout Michigan to take in our state’s vast beauty and history. Jim would have liked that.

Ed Brennan

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